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Frederator on tumblr: Why?

April 22, 2011


So, we’ve finally moved Frederator Blogs from WordPress to tumblr. As the bugs are working themselves out in the transition some might be wondering why I felt the need. Many of you already have a free tumblr account (there’s at least 45,000 people who follow Adventure Time Art), you already know the advantages, but here’s my take on it all.

Mostly, over the past four years we’ve fallen in love with the tumblr community. They’ve tripled in size over the last year with over 17 million blogs now (25000 new ones every day), flipping through 6 billion(!) monthly pages which could be reason enough for the switch. More importantly though, they’re our kind of people: millions of art, illustration, gif, gaming, comics, and animation posts are tagged every day. 

I love that it’s easy for those of you on tumblr to follow each of our blogs individually. So, if you like my blog (you do, don’t you? Please!!), it’s really really easy. Just click the follow button in the column next to the blog name, or on the top right of the individual blog page. (And, it’s just as easy to ‘unfollow’ if I write too many posts that bore you.)

Here’s some more info for those of you statistically minded:

*Tumblr bloggers create 28 million new posts every day, or 325 new posts every second.

*The average Tumblr user spends more than 23 minutes per visit on the site. 

And, the clearest reason for us to move: The comparison—Tumblr has far fewer global monthly uniques (WP has 207 million, Tumblr 74.5) but far greater monthly pageviews (1.7 billion WP, 6.1 billion for Tumblr); Tumblr gets more than three times the page views per unique user versus

Tumblr Enjoyment*
See what Hunson is Groovy looks at on his tumblr dashboard.

Most importantly for Frederator, Tumblr’s become the platform of choice for creative people (writers, artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and all the rest) the world over (huge huge huge in Japan, Brazil, and Germany, for instance) to share their visions.

And, it’s the easiest platform by far for us to share things with you from others. Just take a look at this AT gif from fyeahadventuretime, with over 36,000 notes!

Following your favorites. I’ve already mentioned the 45000+ followers of Adventure Time, but personally I follow hundreds of folks who post about my personal interests. My dashboard’s become my favorite online “magazine” since it only has posts I’ve selected; dozens of other people tell me the same thing.

There are a few things you ought to know about the change. 

Comments will stay the same. I switched us over to the Disqus comments engine a few years ago, thinking about this very move. So, all your comments and their threads will stay intact and link back to the original posts. Speaking of which… is no more, but no worries, the entire archive of all posts and all blogs is still here. If you have addresses in your bookmarks or links from the posts saved, everything will redirect to the new addresses we’ve set up at

Search everything on our blogs or in the archives (or in Channel Frederator for that matter) from the Google Custom Search boxes we’ve set up across our network. 

That should cover everything we know so far. Question? Just leave ‘em comments please. And, thanks for your patience during the confusing times. 

And they’ve grown to over 6 billion since this poster only a year ago!

Random fact that Mark Coatney, tumblr media community leader, finds fascinating: “There are more than 65,000 “FuckYeah" Tumblr blogs." 

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